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Personal Training @ YoGeek PT

Are you sick of repeating the same old training habits or maybe just the same old habits..It's time to look after me! It's time to lose some weight, lose the belly, get some muscle back or maybe get some muscle full stop. You have a few weeks of eating lettuce or 15 chickens a day and hitting the gym hard only to find yourself exhausted, zero energy for work or home life let alone your gym targets of 0 to 25k in a month or max reps at max weight for max time! Even with a personal trainer your chances are slim as you're probably not getting the support from the one person/thing you need it the most...YOUR BODY! As new fad diets go by the way side or an experimental eating regime devised by someone based on general information from previous clients and a 'best guess' for what is right for you for the first few weeks before honing in on what your body is after, or there about, while in the meantime you're fatigued and fed up and already losing interest in this stupid idea you keep having. The doubt starts to set in, that little niggling voice..failed again, what's the point? You'll never keep it going, how many times have you tried and me, been there! I learned the hard way so you don't have to.

Is there another way?

What do you say to preparing the body for the work before we even start at the gym. We can cut (loose weight) and energise the body at the same time so that when we're ready to start training we hit the floor running, we're already half way through that concentric loading phase before we even lift a weight. We can learn exactly what YOUR body needs to support YOU in preparation for, and throughout your training period and long into the future, in fact..the rest of your life.

During this body preparation period we will find out EXACTLY what your body needs for optimal performance, we will learn what balance YOUR muscle fibres are so we know whether to lean (get it) towards endurance or raw (for the vegans in the house) power training.

We will learn what your PERSONAL macronutrient balance needs to be for the phases of work we are approaching whether it be bulking, cutting or stabilising.

We will learn which foods, not types of but actual foods, are best for YOU at rest and while training. In the example below you can see just because a food is good for your healthy nutrition it may not be as good to up your performance (carrots) while capers on the other hand, for this individual, aren't good for their general nutrition but excellent for improved performance!

We will even learn what your recovery times would be based on your inflammatory response and your risk of injury allowing us to build a comprehensive program tailored optimally for you and your body showing us when to push hard and when to rest well.

This takes out all the guess work, we are not basing it on similar body types and adjusting as we go, we literally have it written in black & white, red & green, spelling it out and spelling it precisely for your body.

Ok but do we actually train..?

Optimal Performance Training

Of course we train! Not only do we train but we train to optimal performance! What we have is an elite sports package used by the very best sports persons and athletes around the globe yet still accessible for any and every body type out there. A package that we can pick up at any phase (nutshell explanations below) and choose to progress or stick where we are to play and maintain. We work from building local & global stabilisation, movement preparation through static and dynamic endurance training to variants of strength training with plyometric training gradually building throughout each phase to improve your speed and agility to get you to your raw power in the final phase. Whatever your goals are we can surely cover them in a program, or two, to suit you.

Phase 1 - Stabilisation Endurance

If we're starting here we will be addressing muscular imbalances and improving the stabilisation of your joints and overall posture, not only setting a solid foundation for further phases but stabilisation is ideal for rehabilitation work and/or ageing clients who may be less sure footed then they once were. Building stability, muscular endurance and neuromuscular efficiency of our core musculature with local stabilisation. I think you'll be surprised how much of a difference getting these little beauties stable makes to progressive training, with the muscles like the TVA (transverse abdominals), lumbar multifidus, diaphragm, internal obliques and the pelvic floor muscles connecting directly to the vertebrae for intervertebral stability on the spine.

Stabilisation does not stop there as we move up a notch into global stabilisation working the more commonly talked about muscles in the core, and when we say core we're not just taking about the abs down the front, the core literally wraps all the way round the body as we're just about to find out with these muscles explained here. These muscles attach the pelvis to the spine providing stability between the two, a few examples being the external oblique, rectus abdominals (abs), gluteus medius (butt cheeks), the adductor complex and maybe some lesser known muscles like the Psoas and QL (quadratus lumborum) running from the lower ribs to the top of the pelvis (posterior aspect).

The final part to stabilisation is where we get in to some more serious movement using muscles which connect the spine and/or the pelvis to our extremities for concentric and eccentric forces during dynamic activities. Examples being latissimus dorsi (back), hip flexors, hamstring group (back of the thigh) and quadricep group on the front of the thigh.

Phase 2 - Strength Endurance

Building on what we have in terms of stabilisation and endurance while increasing prime mover strength with the introduction of a few supersets finding a balance between strength and stabilisation exercises.

We can go as far as we like in this phase, increasing volume like sets & reps, increasing intensity, which could be load, exercise type and planes of motion and decreasing rest periods to up intensity further. Working with the supersets you'll find your strength and stability improving across the board building on a great range of motion and strength within the joints themselves which increases power and reduces injury risk.

Phase 3 - Hypertrophy

Depending on what your goals are you may want to move beyond the previous phases and start expanding these newly defined muscles and that is what we call hypertrophy, an increase and growth of muscle cells (beef), focussing on high levels of volume with minimal rest periods to force these cellular changes.

We would be looking to up training days here to incorporate split routines to allow the body a chance to rest and restore between sessions. With your routine firmly in place by now and motivation at a high there will be no problem stepping up a gear..your hunger will kick up a notch on that quest for extra gains!

Phase 4 - Maximal Strength

Looking at achieving optimal levels of muscular strength by recruiting more motor units, increasing rate of force production and improving motor unit synchronisation by increasing intensity (load) and volume (sets) but I'll be good and give you a bit more rest time between sets!

Combining single set work for activation with super sets and forced repetitions to ooze every last bit of strength out of your muscle groups and get the most from you eccentric loading phase.

Phase 5 - Power

Maintaining prime mover strength while developing speed equals power. We'll be increasing the rate of force production further and combining heavy loads with explosive movement to increase power output. Not only increasing volume (sets) and intensity (load) but also velocity (speed). With this combination of strength and speed comes raw power!

But before all of that!

Obviously we'd take some time to get to know each other! I'll most definitely need to know who you are, your likes and dislikes - and whether that includes me lol - your lifestyle habits like eating, exercise history, if any, work and home routines etc.

I'd take a look at your alignment to see where we need to start from, iron out any muscular imbalances and the like to help avoid injury and for you to get the very best out of your body including the utilisation of energy for day to day living but more importantly, in our!

From there we, and the WE here is important as we need to be able to work and plan together, that along with the gathering of the above information will both be key to our shared success moving forward, would formulate SMART goals for you to work through including short, mid and long term so you're not over burdened by it all.

So much to discuss! And thats the easy bit, just holla...

Call/Message me +447971087091 (direct call link on the website - tech letting me down here!)

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