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Manifestation or Remembrance of the future...

The question is, is it THE future or A future..

In physics it is thought that everything is in a constant state of potential - meaning that any possible decisions we may choose to make are out there waiting and it’s not until the very moment that we make a decision that it comes into reality.

Let us start with manifestation. What is manifestation and how do we accomplish it..?

Manifestation is kmown as the act of calling in current worldly desires into our future. We may use images on a board or simply in our imagination. The trick is in the visualisation of a future with these things present in it and also bringing in the elation, gratitude and love of that being present. The combination of the visualisation and the emotion tricks the subconscious into thinking that it IS actually a part of our lives already and so brings it into our reality - the subconscious only communicates in emotion - the divine language of all beings, before the symbols of writing and the spells of words came into being everything was pure emotion - we don’t feel emotion we are emotion but thats a different topic for another day.

We shouldn't underestimate the power of our mind! Visualisation is a very common thing in the sporting world, hell I even do it in preparation before classes to remember a flow before teaching, imagining my body going through the flow helps ingrain it in my mind. Racing drivers, bobsleigh teams etc envision the tracks, winners envision lifting the trophies the list goes on.. ‘The Beast’ Eddie Hall, when he was lifting half ton for the world record lift, visualised the weights as a car on top of a loved one to get the adrenaline going to find the extra strength to lift the weight! This wasn’t a one off on the day he spent time before visualising this event in his mind as preparation for the actual event. He went on to do it with relative ease..half a ton lifted with his bare hands with everyone around him telling him it couldn’t be done, like not even physically possible!

People question manifestation because it doesn’t happen how or when they want..they start to doubt it. I’m just going to go through some experiences in my life and hopefully you’ll start to see things unfold - quite unexpectedly and most definitely not as intended but on reflection it feels as if there is either guidance or manifestation OR a remembrance of A future. There will be some forward and backing and overlaps between manifestation and remembrance so bare with, it may seem a little disjointed at first but it should tie together as it unfolds..

As a kid I used to have scalextrics set with a mini cooper, black n white check roof..I always wanted one when I was older.

Also as a kid when on holidays driving past old dry stone walls I always felt at home, a strongly familiar feeling.

In my teens I always had a strong feeling I wouldn’t stay in Kent - definitely not die in kent, as you can see this one hasn’t been confirmed yet! But we’ll see..

On passing my driving test it was a dream to own a Campervan to roam and live free - bad behaviour put an end to that dream after repeatedly losing my licence..a mistake which would come back to bite me, if only I’d remembered my future back then!

Early 20’s, and very unlucky in love, I knew it would be ok and I’d find someone, settle down and have a kid in my early 30’s.

That kind of worked out, I had a kid at 32, this was 2011, but the settling down part didn’t quite happen! After she moved 300 miles away in 2013 I envisioned myself becoming self employed in a field that I could take with me anywhere in the world so I could be closer to my son and have freedom to see him more and travel with him to see the world.

After a couple more failed relationships I decided to focus on myself a bit, started working out and started Yoga in 2014, simply for personal development and most particularly the physical fitness aspect.

I’ll talk more about the unlikeliness of this in another blog - fear, finances & preparedness - but in 2018 I went to India and sat a course in Yoga teacher training and started teaching just 4 days after completion, with much gratitude for the late Kate Ashley for setting that up for me. Was this my potential for self employment in a field I could take anywhere..? The plot thickens..

Again there is some more here that I need to talk about but I’m trying to stay on topic so it may well be I follow up in another blog..but fear has been a big part in my life, people may not see it on the outside but it’s always there lurking.

A relationship started and we had a shared dream which, apart from both being entrepreneurial, albeit fledglings, we both wanted to move away from Kent and without her I’m not sure I would have done it, at least when we did in 2019, as she was most definitely the driving force behind the move and did most of, if not all of, the ground work and for that I’m grateful. It’s not on my sons doorstep but its within spitting distance and he absolutely LOVES where I am! So it worked out well in that regards…and where am I now..? I’m in Nidderdale, I would happily call this my home it feels totally right…and what does Nidderdale have in abundance..? Lots of dry stone walls! Were those feelings as a kid a remembrance of A future I could have, and did actually end up choosing..?

During our time here together in 2020 I blew up my car, I have a running thing with destroying vehicles - still looking for the lesson there tbh haha - but my then girffriend was able to get herself a new car and was kind enough to give me her car…a mini cooper with a black and white check roof..what are the chances 30 odd years later! Now it wasn’t red like my scalextrics car but the main thing was the roof! I was starting to learn I needed to be more specific with what I was calling in!

This was a very rocky time and things, again, didn’t go to plan. I learned a lot about myself, in particularly in and around who I was in relationships so I set strong boundaries and set an intention of who I wanted to be, and who I wanted in my life next time round and until that person arrived I’d sit tight and wait while working on my own shit so that I could be fully present in the future relationship.

A little step back into to time here, back to my later days in Kent, after my son had moved 300 miles away at the age of 2 I made it a mission to get a Campervan - a converted Jumbo Transit arrived in my life - so we could go on mini adventures. I also ended up living in this van for a couple of yrs which was great and the adventures were epic! But just before our move north it blew up and I needed the funds to fund the relocation to Yorkshire so we parted was a sad day BUT what that van did teach me was, a) vanlife rocks! And, b) what I wanted/needed in my next vanlife adventure!

So…after the last break up I had a choice to make..carry on working in a job that wasn’t my passion while teaching Yoga on the side and have money but no time to live OR take a punt at self employment and opt for vanlife…I wanted to choose life! The calling for freedom had never been so large after the sham that was 2020/21/22. But after the relocation I was left in debt up to my eyeballs and on an IVA, credit wasn’t an option so I was wondering how the feck I could get a van to live in…a friend, from the wonder and travesty that is facebook, said you don’t need money to get a van just call it in..if it’s right it will show up..How could I forget something I’d been so aware of these last few years through reflection of life events..

I set to work imagining what I’d need to live in a van full time, pulling from my experience of Kent vanlife with no access to the roof, no toilet or shower (I used my local gym for hygiene) no place for my decks and records and no real space to Yoga or do callisthenics. These things are what I wanted in my next van! So I set to work, any little time my mind wandered I’d muse about the ideal van with roof access, a practice space, dj room, and bathroom. I’d stand at work and feel the joy of going home to my new van or wake up in the morning feeling the gratitude for being in my new Vanlife home and, of course, the happiness that came with it.

Long story short a woman I’d met in 2020 on a protest had a partner and they used to motocross and for that they used to travel in a know what’s coming as you’ve most likely seen the van on YouTube and if not go take a look here! It had everything I needed. Not only access to the roof but internal access to the roof! A garage in the back which I’ve converted into a yoga and dj space, full kitchen, dinner table the lot! We’ve an ongoing agreement and from 2021 I’m living in a Campervan! Not quite roaming yet but I don’t need to as I have everything I need right where I am. I’ve found an element of freedom..little by little..

9 months after getting the van, in early 2022, some work opportunities started to appear in the area, Yoga studios opening up and spas trialling offers for yoga so I took the leap to full time self employment in an area which I live and breathe, Yoga! Again ups and downs this last 9 months but the offers are rolling in and opportunities are coming!

And to round it all off, also early 2022, an amzing woman appeared in my life a woman who is still very much in my life and looks to be for a very long time. A woman who ticks the boxes I was looking for and of whom I tick boxes for her..we had an early test which could’ve of been make or break for either of us but because of individual work we’d done on ourselves we were able to overcome it through great communication and understanding of each other AND ourselves. It's a perfect balance of feminie and masucline energies of which could well be a topic for another day!

These are a selection of key events that have shaped my awareness of the potential that is manifestation and also some examples of the potential that is remembering the future, or maybe more specifically A future. A single future out of the infinite potential of futures out there for us.

Remembering the future. For some of you watching this may be a familiar concept while for others you’ll be thinking I’ve finally gone mad! But examples of this are all around us in claoeviancy and prophets of days gone past. A really good example of how consciousness pervades time is remote viewing if you choose to be open to the concept.

What may help you be open to this is if an agency as large and as well known as the CIA have undertaken studies into this field and are most likely the leading experts of this topic! As well as the gateway project of collective consciousness - a subject for another time. Links to observe at the end of this blog.

In a test study 3 remote viewers in locations around the earth were set to task to remote view back to a time 750,000 - 1 million yrs ago to the battle between Mars and Maldeck. Now you know I’m crazy! But this is documented in the bible as well as references to this from historians, a governmental body and other ancient texts.

The interesting thing about this remote viewing experience in this case is not only, as you’d hope to expect the descriptions were all very similar of events but in one of these experiences the remote viewers who reported observing a meeting in a chamber of entities during a war cabinet meeting (very human terminology) recalled that their presence at the meeting was observed by the attendants of the meeting itself..

Let that sink in for a moment…

Remote viewers in this ‘time’ allowed their consciousness to go back 750,000 thats one thing in its own right BUT the truly magical thing about this is the entities from the ‘past’ could sense a presence from the ‘future’! If this isn’t proof that consciousness pervades time (time merely being a tool of measurement and/or control) then I don’t know what is!

Since my early 20’s I had come the realisation that the past, present and future had already happened, was happening and had already happened all simultaneously and continued in that ilk with no beginning and no end just a constant soup of existence, so to hear this 20 years on was phenomenal!

What tied this remembrance of a future in for me was a day that, just before leaving for work I had a feeling that I needed to take my bank card with me. You know the feeling we’ve all had it, that feeling we’ve forgotten something but can’t recall what until it’s to late, it was one of those but it was specific..

I KNEW I was low on fuel but I also KNEW there wasn’t a petrol station on route. I also use Apple Pay so KNEW if I need need to divert then I could use my phone to pay but this calling for me to take my bank card specifically was strong! Of course, I shrugged it off after rationalising all of the above and figured I’d be ok. On the way home my bum was twitching (about low fuel!) and I drove past a mechanic garage, a repair shop not a petrol station, but this garage had 2 pumps out front! YES I can fill up and relax..pulled in and up to the pump where it said ‘CARD ONLY’!

If thats not remembering the future I don’t know what is! And that got me thinking and reflecting..

With that in mind when we are manifesting and imagining a future with our desires already present and attaching our emotions of elation and gratitude to that imagination are we channeling our energies into one of these, already existent, states of potential futures.

Are we creating a thing out of thin air or are we simply choosing a potential which has always existed..?

Life is predestined but we have the choice of which predestined path to take…

I’m not a religious man but I was bought up in church and a couple of things stuck..

One of the biggest things God gave us is free will - the will to choose our path to choose our own life CHOOSE OUR FUTURE..


Jesus said, ’I am the way, I am the truth and I am the light, no one can come to the father accept through me’.

Jesus was the son of God and Jesus had extraordinary gifts and abilities but what was Jesus..? Jesus was a man!

He walked on earth as we do, he was flesh and blood as we are..Lots of things are lost in translation but when you keep things simple they become clear..

We are all men (and women) of the Earth

We ALL have the power to choose OUR future, to SEE and shape what and who we want to become and WE, as that man who walked the earth did, have the POWER of the creator INSIDE of US.

We ARE the CREATED as well the THE CREATOR.

Resources :

Remote viewing of life on Mars

Mars Bible battle

Gateway Project

Or search - Cia-rdp96-00788r001700210016-5

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