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From the body to the cosmos

From the body...

Previously we explored the history and physical properties of fascia and tailed off with the physical mechanisms and effects of yin yoga on the body through the fascia and meridian channels. We touched on how meridian line placement, on the physical plane, are typically found in locations where there are greater amounts of connective tissue bundling in the fascial network and how Yin Yoga directly interacts with and impacts the fascia crystalline network to treat energetic imbalances.

If we are doubting how a physical practice can impact energetic or emotional imbalances we can use simple examples of how the two are connected in every day lives. If we take grief for example, when we are grieving we tend to cry, have you noticed when we cry that the breath is uncontrollable, we spasm and gasp for air. This is actually our lungs spasming as a result of the emotional feeling of grief, a physical response to an emotion. We will generally feel tired and 'heavy', we don't put on weight but energetically we feel lethargic and heavy. We can take the same approach into stress, or anxiety or depression..we know only too well the effects these emotions have on the body with stress alone being able to cause, amongst other things, hair loss, headaches, heart attacks and even death! And of course it's a two way street, if we run our bodies into the ground with poor nourishment or over work of our physical body then our emotional and energetic wellbeing plummet and we sink into bouts of depression and mental fatigue. These are just a couple of simple everyday examples of which we can all relate to some extent, just look at my head of hair! Being in agreement that these physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies are interconnected is fundamental in being able to open up a philosophical discourse with a free and open mind.

Multidimensional Communication Network

Is it that far to travel from the body to the cosmos..?

The human body’s fascia network is the physical substrate that is represented in the energy meridians. Today we'll be looking at the multidimensional energy functions of the Fascia/Liquid Crystalline Network linking cell to cell communications, along with the basic understanding of the anatomy of the human lightbody. The fascia is not a static soft tissue component, but it is a complete sensory organ that defends the body from a range of pathogenic agents.

Energetically not only do we have the piezoelectrical generation through physical pressure but the fascia also works as a network of semiconductors conducting electromagnetism, oscillating frequencies throughout the bio-neurological system, sparking protons and electrons which helps create ions. This biological ionisation process is what builds and strengthens the lightbody. Fascia is intelligently designed to integrate all component parts of the human body into a holistic living matrix, it is the primary organ system that is designed to unify all bodily systems in order to synthesize physical functions into achieving energetic balance or homeostasis.

These fascial strings are triple helixes that form into a network of lines that align with the meridians and are found in a certain anatomical locations. The meridian lines connect into each of the five layers of the Radial Body, and they are interconnected with the liquid crystalline matrix of the Fascia tissue network.

Spiritually/Quantum(ly) the liquid crystalline network saturates our cells with multidimensional light and sound, acting as the most important energetic communication system in our physical body. Specifically, the fascial liquid crystalline network connects directly with all of the horizontal triad bodies that make up the entire Radial Body system, and the main 12 meridians that intersect with the 12 axiatonal lines, which further communicate and send messaging into the brain and throughout the nervous system. The connected meridian channels, of which there are 12, work on the horizontal planes within the connective tissue generating electromagnetism, oscillating frequencies which further intersect with the 12, previously mentioned, vertical axiotonal lines that project out a diagonal diamond grid which fortifies and amplifies our larger crystalline matrix held in our energy (morphic) field or lightbody. Together these work as a receiver, transmitter and transformer to connect our personal holographic matrix to the larger universal holographic matrix of consciousness.

Radial Bodies spheres (above) which form a 'tissue' around all layers of the 5 Triad Bodies (right) working in conjunction with the 12 axiatonal lines(below).

Crystalline Properties

What do I mean when I refer to the crystalline network. It may seem strange to think of the earth body and human body as similar but if we look here we can see that, in part, they resonate at much the same frequency, almost as if the earth itself is alive with us so I'm going to go ahead and say it! The earth body and the human body, as well as the entire DNA* record is made in crystalline properties. The Silicate Matrix DNA template is the original human crystalline blueprint that is activated in the human body when contact or connection is made with liquid crystals, otherwise known as love coded hydroplasmic light. The Human Energy Field consists of an array of oscillating energy centres that are nested within a multi-dimensional blueprint of interacting crystal structures that organize into an assortment of crystalline functions. All of the interactive layers of the physical matrices, such as the organ and glandular systems, down to our skeletal structure are known to have piezoelectric properties and crystalline functioning. Our bone structure is the primary solid crystal in our physical body that acts as the main frequency transducer throughout our bodily matrices. This means all humans, and planets, have the same properties as Crystals, the ability to amplify, absorb, store and transmit a range of vibrational energies that have an overall effect that is either healthy or unhealthy for the entire body.

*I was already planning on following up on my DNA blog with a more, shall we say, cosmic approach to DNA having found some interesting research on the shamanistic approach to DNA and their interaction with nature and, as ever, I find that it does in fact all keep overlaying with each topic I study. What we consider to be purely physical matter (the DNA molecule in this case) is invariably much much more. In other words watch this space for a cosmic DNA blog..

Interestingly, while writing this I am reading 'Awakening in the dream' which has links to 'The Law of One'. Within this second book it has reference to the pyramids being built on earth to balance out, without going to deep into it, an electromagnetic field disturbance that was occurring at the time by using the pyramids as stone needles on the earths own acupuncture pressure points to restore balance and relieve tension (italics from Awakening in the dream).

'Imagine, if you will, the many force fields of the earth in their geometrically precise web. Energies stream into the earth planes, as you would call them, from magnetically determined points. Due to growing thought-form distortions in understanding the Law of One, the planet itself was seen to have potential for imbalance. The balancing pyramidical structures were charged with crystals which drew the appropriate balance from the energy forces streaming into the various geometric centres of the electromagnetic energy, which surround - and shape - the planetary sphere'. The Law of One - Ra

The basic idea being there is a fluid like, living energy (sound familiar?) that gives rise to matter and life itself when pyramids are formed. In the Law of One this is referred to as intelligent energy. The pyramid shape seems to work like a funnel to capture this fluid like energy and cause it to begin spinning like a whirlpool inside. The word pyramid being derived form 'pyre-amid' or 'fire in the middle'. As a side, research work by Dr. Alexander Golod on pyramids and their amazing properties which include reducing seismic activity, radioactivity and even the measurable ability to kill pathogenic viruses! To name just a few! And I also highly recommend reading 'The Law of One' (I have it in PDF form if you're interested let me know).

It's a two way street to the cosmos...

The Lightbody

We've discussed how the fascia strengthens the lightbody through ionisation, now we can look at how we can build on that energetically. With the above crystalline property in mind with amplification, absorption, storage and transmission of vibrational frequencies we can radiate into and out of our light bodies with ease. This lightbody being our aura, I'm assuming that if you've made it this far you're aware of auras, the things that have been of much controversy over the years - 'Well I can't see it so it's not real!' - can you see emotions..? Yet they emit frequencies and effect our bodies on a daily basis..hmm. So this energy field body or Energy Aura is our connection to and with the source, consciousness, the matrix, the holographic matrix or Godhead, depending on your world views - it invariably depends on what mood I'm in to how I refer to it but it's generally the universe or the source, and you and everything you interact with basically..isn't it beautiful! - I've wandered off here haven't I..As mentioned above, somewhere, the lightbody is comprised of interwoven layers of electromagnetic frequencies that extend all the way around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting us. When we meditate we are placing our attention to the lightbody to strengthen, protect and grow our consciousness body.

This Aura is the structure which houses the electromagnetic energies of our soul bodies in order for them to connect with the physical layer of our human body. These electrical impulses connect with our CNS (central nervous system) and form a communication link between these energy transmitters and receivers that signal into the nerve cells in the brain. This in turn creates new biological neural networks within the brain and the spiritual intelligence to connect the energetic circuitry required to enhance the electromagnetic field around the human body and increases our Aura and ability to receive more zen into our lives! We can use our body to strengthen our spiritual/quantum, spiriantum (yes it's a made up word), field and we can then use that strengthened field to further enhance our mental state and again enhance our aura for a greater more stable connection to ourselves, and all else, within the divine matrix. Welcome to entanglement ❤️ and the perpetual cycle of everything, isn't it beautiful 🙏🏽

Your latest seven minutes of madness is up for today, thank you for spending your time with me I am eternally grateful and hope to see you guys and girls soon.



Awakening in the Dream - David Wilcock

The Law of One - Ra

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