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4 Week Programme Card

Do you have a particular goal you'd like to achieve?

Following a simple video call to ascertain what you've BEEN up to, what you ARE up to and where you WANT to be, I'll go away and write a 4 week programme tailored specifically for you! Designed to fit your lifestyle, taking into consideration what access you have to facilities & equipment.

I'll even check in weekly via WhatsApp and you'll have email support for any questions regarding the programme.


Live Online PT Session

Following a FREE video call to ascertain your fitness levels and goals we can get booked up for a 1:1 PT session purposely designed for your wants and needs.

Working online we will utilise what equipment and space you have to hand!

There really is no excuse and nowhere to hide when it comes to training. 

Any place, any time and any equipment! (Safety first of course)

£25 p/h

Face 2 Face PT Session

Following a FREE consultation over coffee, or video call, to  ascertain your fitness levels and goals I'll formulate a programme for us to work through on our 1:1 PT sessions. 

Working in collaboration with The Fitness Garage Harrogate we will have access to a fully functional training facility to work to your goals.

~Stability Training ~ 

~ Weight Loss and Toning ~

~ Hypertrophy ~ 

~ Power Training ~

~ & Much More ~


£35 p/h

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Breaking Bad Programme

Lacking motivation? Support? Energy?

With this 3 month hybrid training package we'll be looking at turning all that on its head! 

~ Consultation ~

~ Personalised 3 Month Programme ~

~ Weekly 1:1 Sessions ~

~ Weekly follow up Videos ~

~ Daily WhatsApp ~

~ Inc. Hidden Extras ~

~ Round up Consultation ~


Breaking Bad Premium Programme

Want to know what your body ACTUALLY needs for optimal performance?

This Premium Package includes all of the basics from above


~ DNA Test Kit ~

Say goodbye to generalised eating plans!

This DNA Test Kit comes with a

180 page document with everything YOUR BODY

needs for OPTIMAL performance!

This information serves you for LIFE!

~ Energy Boosting Supplement Pack ~


~ Detox Supplement Pack ~